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Broadway World, review, October 18, 2020
“A hilarious, poignant character study of the friendship of a desperate Hollywood dreamer and a lonely, strange man who sees the world like nobody else.”, October reads, October 18, 2020
“A fascinating page-turning story (almost impossible to believe it’s not fiction) of one man’s drive to create a work of art, what constitutes art, and what makes an artist.”

Asbury Park Press, review, October 20, 2020
“A terrifically written, captivating Hollywood story about a (potentially deranged) dreamer who wouldn't let talent (or the complete lack thereof) get in his way.”, review, October 21, 2020
“Happily, bad art occasionally leads to good things, and The Disaster Artist is an example of this scenario. Read it if you are interested in moviemaking, uncompromising artists, emotional upheaval and seamy underbellies.”, feature+ interview, October 21, 2020, review, October 22, 2020
“The lingering effects of The Disaster Artist are an increased sense of respect for the hapless players at the mercy of Wiseau's deranged puppet master.”, review, October 24, 2020
“Wildly entertaining, surprisingly touching.”, review, October 26, 2020
“Part Hollywood bomb, part biography, and part character study, The Disaster Artist is one of the best books about the making of a Hollywood production you’ll read.”, review, October 26, 2020
“Incredibly entertaining, heartfelt and hilarious…Lots of readers are spouting superlatives, saying this is the funniest, or even the BEST book they’ve ever read. Well, let me tell you this, in my opinion, such statements are not exaggerations.”, review, October 28, 2020
“The Disaster Artist is a great book about one of the weirdest movies ever made. Go try it out. See what happens.”, interview, October 29, 2020, review, November 27, 2020
“the true brilliance of The Disaster Artist is that the 'inside scoop' on the movie's production is just a lead in for the more fascinating aspect of the book - the story of being best friends with Tommy Wiseau.”, PWxyz Blog, November 27, 2020
“By the end, it seems somehow fitting that Wiseau’s enormous, unfulfilled ambition to make a great film has resulted instead in such a terrific book.”, Holiday Gift Books, November 29, 2020
“It turns out, Wiseau makes his best impression on the page, because Sestero and co-author Bissell perfectly capture the cult filmmaker’s out-of-this-world personality.”, review, November 29, 2020
“Yes, the book is chock-full of Tommy stories, but it also unexpectedly gives an accurate betrayal of broken Hollywood dreams…“The Disaster Artist”, like “The Room”, is endlessly entertaining. Highly recommended.”, review by James Franco, December 3, 2020
“A great portrayal of hopefuls coming to Los Angeles to pursue their ambitions, and an even greater examination of what it means to be a creative person with a dream and trying to make it come true….In so many ways. Tommy c’est moi.”

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